Bicycle Maintenance

All services are guaranteed for 30 days after pick up.

Basic Tune-up | $85

The basic tune-up includes the lubrication of all cables and pivot points in the brakes and derailleurs on the bike to ensure smooth, light shifting and braking action. Rear derailleur pulleys are removed, cleaned and oiled for smooth and quiet shifting performance. Wheels are trued, spokes brought up to the correct tension, and the wheel bearings are properly adjusted for minimum rolling resistance. Brake pads and braking surfaces on the wheels are cleaned and inspected for damage to ensure maximum braking power. All fasteners on bike are tightened to recommended torque. This service includes labor to replace tires, tubes, and brake pads.

Drive-train Tune-up | $150

The drive-train tune-up includes everything that the basic tune includes. We will also remove the crankset, cassette, and chain from the bicycle and clean them in the solvent tank to remove any built-up road grime. A great service to keep your components clean and get as many miles as possible out of them. The cleaner those parts stay, the longer they last!

Complete Overhaul | $250

The complete overhaul is the most comprehensive service we offer! This package includes any and all labor to replace and service all parts on your bike. The complete overhaul includes servicing of all the bearings on the bike- headset, bottom bracket, and hubs. We will remove the old ones and repack loose bearing systems with fresh grease and new bearings. Headset and bottom bracket bearings are inspected for wear, cleaned, and re-installed. Drive-train is removed and cleaned.

Mountain Bike Overhaul | $350

A mountain bike overhaul is specific to your full-suspension rig. It includes everything from the complete overhaul as well as the labor to install new bearings in the suspension linkage and the labor to perform a 50 hour service on your fork and rear shock. Please note- some suspension platforms are proprietary and the rebuilding of these must be outsourced to the manufacturer. This additional labor is not included in our pricing. We will pro-rate manufacturer labor to reflect this.