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Meet The Staff



Fred moved to Houston from the Philippines  when he was two and a half. He really first picked up the bike years later at the prime age of ten and could be seen scootin about the streets on his BMX bike. Fred has been in and out of the bike industry his whole life. He learned the ropes in local shops and owned Houston ReCYCLE for a few years. Being young, wistful, and still with a few things to learn, when his shop closed down Fred took a break from the industry and worked for UPS. He eased his way back into the industry working at big boxes like Oshman’s and REI where he cultivated and fine tuned his bike skills as well as his love for Chaco’s.

When the time had come to try again, Fred moved to Sugar Cycles and before long became a part owner when Sugar found it’s new home at 7260 Highway 6 #400. Fred can now be found in the shop most days cracking jokes and singing along to his favorite tunes.


Josh is another Houston born and raised who found cycling around the age of ten. His parents stuck him on a mountain bike and there was no turning back. He took this love all the way to college at Texas A&M where he raced collegiate mountain bike. After college he found a new local bike shop and  race team with Sugar Cycles.

So you may be asking why we don’t have photos of Josh or why you have never seen him around the shop and the answer is he is our man behind the scenes… aaaaaand that he has a full-time job outside of the shop. Josh actually works work an oil and gas company doing fancy financial analysis and data collection to trade commodities. He just loves cycling and the shop so much, he co-owns Sugar and helps us out with the computer stuff in his free time and as needed. You might not always see him but be sure to say hello to the stranger slinging wrenches when he does happen to be in the shop! 


Greg has been riding bikes as long as he can remember as has been soaring off of ramps around the Houston area since he was ten years old. He started racing BMX when he was fifteen and quickly switched to racing mountain bikes when those became a thing. Greg turned his love of riding into a career when he got his first industry job in 1983 at Houston Bike Center. Greg has worked hands on tuning, truing, and tinkering with bikes and his learned all his skills by doing. After working at it for 35 years, we think he’s got it down to a science and are very glad he joined our staff in October of 2017.

When Greg isn’t in the shop, you can catch him building new trails at the Sugarland Mountain Bike trails then grippin it and rippin it down them with his equally (if not more) shreddly wife Kim. Be sure to look for his face if you decide to do the Saturday Morning MTB ride! He’s there Saturday mornings shine but not rain to get his weekly mountain bike fix.


There’s photographic evidence that Henry’s been riding bikes since he was three. Rumor has it you could see him rolling down the streets of the Philippines on his tricycle. When they moved to Houston when he was five, he continued riding around and running the streets. The young Rebollido house was the place to be. Riding bmx and skateboard, building ramps, setting up half pipes – they knew what was up. But when it was time to grow up, Henry decided to part from his love of bikes and join the oil and gas industry for a while.

After 25 years and a wonderful career in oil and gas, Henry decided to join his brother Fred at Sugar Cycles. Even as a young boy, Henry had a mechanical inclination towards bikes. When he was just seven, his dad brought home an incomplete tricycle and large wheel bearing castors and Henry himself fixed that sweet ride up. In 2015, Henry joined our staff and we’re excited to be a part of Henry’s passion of putting kids and families on bikes. If you and your family are looking at getting a family set, make his day and come ask him questions!